Immigration Law

Setagaya International Law Office has extensive knowledge of Japanese immigration law.

When you are going through a legal process such as divorce/separation, labor dispute, or criminal procedure as a foreign national in Japan, the result could affect your visa status.

For example, if you have a spousal visa, your visa will be canceled when you get a divorce. Once it is, there are some requirements to meet in order to successfully obtain a different type of visa.

If you are going through a criminal procedure as a defendant, your visa may be canceled and you could be deported depending on the sentence you receive.

Therefore, it is important to have a lawyer who can anticipate how to secure your visa status while dealing with legal issues. It would often be more cost efficient to have a lawyer with expertise handling both matters (legal procedure and visa matter) rather than having to hire two separate lawyers.

We have extensive experience in assisting foreign individuals with visa status while simultaneously handling legal processes.

Feel free to set up a consultation if you have any concern about your visa status.