Criminal Law

Criminal law in Japan can be frustrating, especially if the defendant doesn’t speak Japanese.

If your family member or friend is arrested in Japan, please contact us as soon as possible. It is crucial for a suspect to have a lawyer who can help effectively communicate and navigate the situation.  

In an already stressful situation, our goal is provide an immediate feeling of relief and provide strong representation from the very start. 

Another important aspect of handling these types of cases is frequent communication with our clients’ families. In an already stressful situation, this can help make a huge difference for both our clients and their families.

Visa Status

When you are going through a criminal procedure as a defendant, your visa may be canceled and you could be deported depending on the sentence you receive.

Therefore, it is important to have a lawyer who can anticipate how to secure your visa status while dealing with legal issues.

We have extensive experience in assisting foreign individuals with visa status while simultaneously handling legal processes.

We accept your inquiry even outside of office hours.

In cases of emergency including criminal cases, we accept phone calls via LINE or WhatsApp even outside of office hours. 

You can immediately get in touch via phone, email, Skype, Zoom, LINE, or WhatsApp between 8am-10pm.